UPDATE: What is Timothy Everton Wilson from T Wilson Associates Really Doing in Guadalajara, Mexico?

Mr. Wilson has removed my name from the title and rewritten the blog that led to my decision to defend myself with my previous post.  He also removed the conversation between us in the comments section of his blog and decided to cherry pick from them to better make his case.  I thought about reposting it all here, but have decided against it.  He continues to show a complete lack of understanding as to why someone would take issue with his attack on my character without doing a shred of research, but his readers can decide for themselves if they want to read what he has to say.

Mr. Wilson says I take issue with his “reporting on this.”  I take issue with his lack of investigation or apparent concern for the affect his words have on people and events he does not understand or have knowledge of.  “Reporting” is not what he did.  Writing about another human being in the age of the Internet without understanding the subject is, to me, the worst type of attack.  It either comes from a place of ignorance or malice.  It is there forever with no way to truly defend against it, and Mr. Wilson should know that.  He believed I was fair game because I worked for someone he does not approve of.  I can handle his disapproval.  I cannot abide an attack on my character from someone who has absolutely no idea about me or the event he describes.

I do not expect Mr. Wilson to understand why someone who believes in social justice would work at Stratfor.  What I will say is that I am unafraid to challenge my reality or my understanding of the world.  In fact, my adult life has been nothing more than an attempt to understand.  This is impossible without a willingness to look at all sides, be wrong, and when you are, to shed the old view and create a newer, deeper one.  Stratfor offered another way of looking at the world.  That was enough for me.  Access to information is what I live for, and that is what I got.

There is absolutely no way to understand or analyze anything without attempting to expand the foundation of knowledge from which the analysis arises.  I have lived all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia.  I have worked for nonprofits, think tanks, conservation corps, hedge funds, newspapers, sailboats, bars, hostels, adventure guide companies and public schools.  I count as my friends’ scoundrels, rebels, drug dealers, police officers, sailors, veterans, smugglers, conservatives, spooks, teachers, computer nerds, bankers, religious fundamentalists, anarchists, rednecks, activists, cowboys, lawyers, and many more.  I am currently in the arctic learning as much as I can about the place, the people, and the current problems facing one of the last frontiers on earth.  It is what I do.

I am unwilling to take someone’s word for it and I will learn from anyone willing to teach me.  Reading about something in a book or article should be the spark for further exploration, but not the totality of an investigation.  I want to go there and to experience that node of life that catches my interest.  It is the key to performing empathetic analysis, and apparently, my happiness.  Stratfor was a life experience and I learned greatly from it.  If I work for Stratfor a hedge fund or anyone else, I trust my ability to know when my code of ethics is being challenged, and when I am breaking it.  Sure, there are times when my beliefs are challenged, hell, even lost.  But in the end I know where I stand, and I know right from wrong when the chips are down.


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