What is Timothy Everton Wilson from T Wilson Associates Really Doing in Guadalajara, Mexico?

On February 14, 2013 a blogger named Timothy Everton Wilson wrote a blog titled “Stratfor’s Colby Martin posed as fake journalist in Oaxaca, Mexico.”  The “article” was based on an email that was stolen during the Anonymous hack of my former employer, Stratfor, and subsequently posted on Wikileaks.  He also apparently grabbed information and a picture off my Linkedin page.   Although the title states “Stratfor’s Colby Martin,” the truth is that I wasn’t an employee at the geopolitical think tank for another 4 years, which he admits later in the piece.  This little fudge of the timeline does not deter Timmy in his attack of my character.  It made for a title that looked good on twitter.  The title was meant to grab readers at my expense with absolutely no research into his subject beyond Linkedin, regard for my safety or the safety of those who live in danger everyday in places like Oaxaca, Mexico.

Timothy Everton Wilson Looks Sketch

Timmy Wilson readily admits he has no concept of the damage he does to those he falsely accuses, stating he does not “understand what the kerfuffle is about” regarding my anger at having been attacked.  He apparently does not understand that anyone who Google’s my name will now be able to find this article, regardless of its merits, or lack thereof.  Most will just read the title, and my reputation will be damaged.

Timmy also admits he has it wrong in a response to my comments to his blog by stating,  “As a Stratfor employee (don’t know what that means, but neither does he), you referred to “fake press passes.” The reality, as you point out now, was something different.”  Yet he has not offered an apology nor changed the title to reflect this new understanding of the facts.

Even worse, Timmy appears to be living in Mexico where his accusations can end up killing those poor souls he targets.  In fact, it could severely affect my own safety and my ability to travel through a country I love.  His accusations also put in danger all of those wonderful people who have worked with me in development and social justice projects in Latin America.

Nice work Timmy.

Timmy appears to be the guy everyone hates to debate.  He changes his point of attack from sentence to sentence and when he doesn’t know what he is talking about, he just fakes it.  In his response to my comments Timmy states, “Please note: I haven’t accused you of being some sort of spy. You worked for Strafor(sic)!”  He also states “many activists in Latin America might view a former Stratfor analyst who is now (it had actually been since 2002, but Timmy doesn’t care) “heavily involved in social justice, development and education projects in Latin America” with a degree of suspicion.” Yet he also states, “if anything, the email (as well as the others) merely reveals youthful braggadocio” and calls Stratfor’s internal culture “informal intelligence.”  Which is it Timmy, devil or child?

Timmy also states that I am somehow misrepresenting the truth because I say, “We were documenting the protests because after Brad was killed no one was down there to witness what was going on – except for us.”  He responds by saying “That…is…not…true.” Instead of asking me whom “we” are that I am referring to, he once again makes assumptions with absolutely no evidence or even a request for me to clarify my statement.  Of course arguing with a man about the conditions in Oaxaca in 2006 who was not there is futile.

Timmy accuses me of using journalism as a cover for my own purposes without asking me what my purposes were.  The irony is that Mr. Wilson is a freelance journalist who is only a “journalist” because he says so.  Therefore by his logic, if I called myself a journalist in Oaxaca it is impossible to have been “fake.” Unless I was up to no good, which is what Timmy infers by stating, “it is unknown if Mr. Martin was doing freelance intelligence work in Oaxaca.”  In fact, at the time I was writing monthly reports to a list of about 150 readers who would then pass them on to others.  It was my first attempt at blogging.  I was also helping to run a nonprofit I founded in Nebaj, Guatemala called Mayan Hope that offered programs to children with disabilities.  The reason I was in Oaxaca was because I was headed to Nebaj with an emerging giant of social activism, and was in Oaxaca to witness the protests at his behest.  He is no longer with us and so he remains unnamed.  Timmy is lucky as all hell it isn’t him he has to deal with.

Timmy Wilson picked the wrong guy to attack just for the hell of it.  I will not allow him to bully me nor put me in danger without a response.  Everyone is led to believe that by responding to attacks you give them power, and sometimes that is trueMost of the time however, a person has to punch back and keep punching or jackals like this guy descend.  I am willing to go toe to toe with anyone, but I enjoy going against a guy who gets flustered by a well-argued response and says stuff like “Good Christ.  I have extended you a great courtesy,” after disparaging my name.

Oh ya, what is he doing in Guadalajara, Mexico?


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